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“My miracle is that when I am hungry I eat and when I am thirsty I drink” - master Bankei_

Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea is harvested early in the Spring and has the lowest level of oxidation, which keeps the leaves green and fresh. Loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, Green Tea has a wide variety of tastes and aromas, from elegant fragrance of herbs and wildflowers of beautiful Anji Bai Cha leaves and roasted pumpkin seeds LuAn Guapian with savory sagebrush - like the taste of Huang Shan Maofeng.

White Tea

Chinese White Tea is the least processed tea, made out of merely dried buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis, which gives the most gentle, light, and delicate taste. Filled up with fragrance of wild flowers and honey, this tea is the lowest in caffein but is rich in amino acids and polyphenols. There is a saying in China "Three years old White tea becomes a medicine, five years old - is a treasure!"