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As of now we are learning about physical aspects of high quality tea. Obtaining new knowledge and skills, asking questions and having fun!

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I have been talking about the upcoming membership for a few months already, thank you for staying tuned. It is finally time to reveal the long-awaited membership program!  


Have you ever wondered what all this buzz about tea is? Why do they say an investment in tea is if not more than at least as profitable as an investment in real estate in Asia? 


Why is tea the beverage that was worshipped by ancient sages for over five thousand years? Why are there schools of tea mastery, tea sommelier programs, tea certificates?


There are tea competitions, tea festivals, tea fairs, tea catalogs, tea legends, tea performances - one of which I had a pleasure to see during my sourcing trip to Wuyi. The show was created by a famous Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou (who was a chief director of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing in 2008), and featured a light show about a legend of tea named Big Red Robe. The performance was set up outside a small village in the mountains and it was one of the most memorable shows of my life! 


So why is there so much buzz about tea? It is definitely not about tea bags and not even about Earl Gray tea!  

I was exposed to tea from my very early childhood. It was not my path right away, but looking back I clearly see the significant role tea played in my life and the place I am right now. It happened spontaneously and because of that took a long time for me to recognize the master and identify the way. If I would have had guidance earlier in my life, my path would be so much easier. 


So I thought that the best I can do is to share my own life experiences, showing you step by step how to free yourself from the stressful, busy, always rushing, never-knowing-what-is-next existence, to a calm, healthy, clear way of being, with complete confidence and clarity of every moment now and in the future.  


I’ve identified the Six Stages of Experiencing Tea and observed the transformation in my life occurring during each of the stages. Based on this observation, I decided to create an easy to follow, well-structured program that can be used by anyone. 


With simple practice, clear structure, and easy steps, you will not only obtain new knowledge and skills but will be able to enhance your own health, emotional state, financial freedom and physical condition of your body.  

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