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Conversations on Tea & Zen

Accumulation of Energy and Stress

Tea & Conversations | Xiao Chi Gan

What are humans?

Tea & Conversations

Afterlife encounters

Tea & Conversations | Lao Rou Gui

Special people & qualities we aspire to

Tea & Conversations | Rou Gui

Universal Truth... or is there?

Tea & Conversations

Care & Suffering

Tea & Conversations | Da Hong Pao

Days of the week

Tea & Conversations | Rou Gui

Short Pixar Movie " Lava"

Tea & Conversations

Education. The Good, the bad, the ugly.

Tea & Conversations

What do we read?
Conversation about responsibilities & Universal portals

Tea & Conversations

Manifestation. Energetic practices. 

Tea & Conversations (with poor video quality)

Floating Mountain Tea House is back. Planning.

Tea & Conversations

Conversation about beleives.

Tea & Conversation

Lao Ye Lai Xiang | Old Tree Night Jasmine

Tea & The nature of the mind | part 2

Shou Mei | Longevity Eyebrow

Tea & The nature of the mind

LuAn Gua Pian | Melon Seed

Tea & Q&A - What is Anger?

00:29:53    tcarpio:    I LOVE the color

00:37:58    tcarpio:    Sara, is that the shawl you recently posted about on IG?

00:38:21    Sara Boan:    It is! :) Just finished it up the other day.

00:38:38    tcarpio:    love it, reminds me of a watermelon

00:38:48    Sara Boan:    Aww thanks! My wife said the same thing!

00:39:00    Julie Jensen:    Beautiful

01:17:33    Sara Boan:    Peter, can you put the book you just mentioned in the chat? Would love to check it out.

01:17:52    Peter Nakada:

01:18:01    Sara Boan:    Thank you!

01:21:57    Sara Boan:    Same here, Tania!

Da Hong Pao | Big Red Robe

Tea & Unsuccessful stories

00:21:50    Natalie Beck:    Is it by Aaron Fisher? I have The Book of Tea (Okakura)

00:21:58    Michael Ian Cedar:    Yup!

00:22:14    Natalie Beck:    thanks

00:55:46    Natalie Beck:    One book that Nick has mentioned before - came to mind when you asked if there are any books about not being successful: “What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars” by Jim Paul and Brandan Moynihan …but maybe this book was a success…haha!

01:15:05    Tania Carpio:    my dad just sent me a link to the performance we just watched… I guess it’s a message I needed to hear

01:15:17    Natalie Beck:    Woah!!

01:15:27    Michael Ian Cedar:    Yowzers!

01:18:18    Lina Floating Mountain:    illusions

01:25:29    Michael Ian Cedar:    Wherever you go there you are

01:31:45    Natalie Beck:    Thanks for sharing, Lina!

Lao You Hua Xiang | Old Tree Grapefruit Fragrance

Tea & The Book of Secrets by Osho

01:19:17    Michelle White:    Have you heard that voice any other time / was it in another tone?

01:20:07    Isabela Tanashian:    I have to run! Thank you Lina & everyone <3

01:30:16    Tania Carpio:    I have to run. Hope you all have a great week ahead!

01:35:10    Natalie Beck:    “The rush and pressure of modern life are a form perhaps the most common form of contemporary violence. To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone and everything is to succumb to the violence of our times.” -Thomas Merton

01:39:56    juliejensen:    so beautiful Natalie

Lao Hua Zhi Xiang | Old Tree Orange Blossom

Tea & "The book of her life" - Sara Boan

00:13:28    Michael Ian Cedar:    At first I thought it was a fake green-screen background It looked to perfect!

00:33:00    Michael Ian Cedar:    My 2nd steeping got some more citrus….. left it a little longer.

00:33:29    Anna:    It smells divine

00:38:50    Tracy Schmid:    hand, bird, clouds

00:38:51    Susan White:    a man looking out to a field with the cosmos / clouds exploding around, beautiful colors

00:38:52    Lina Floating Mountain:    Time, ship, bird, hand, clouds, bomb

00:38:52    Natalie Beck:    And hand in the heavens, a head down below, with clouds

00:38:52    Sara Boan:    an oppressive hand reaching down to the earth

00:38:53    Katherine:    The cosmos with a hand reaching through

00:39:00    Julie Jensen:    boat hand of god colors clouds

00:39:05    Anna:    Hand and universe

00:41:11    Natalie Beck:    Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Michael

00:41:26    Susan White:    I want to hear Olive’s description!

00:43:28    Natalie Beck:    Haha! She just kept saying “dada” and pointing to Michael - same name as her dad ;)

00:47:48    Natalie Beck:    Amazing!

00:49:28    Julie Jensen:    there are a lot here too

00:49:34    Lina Floating Mountain:    And here too

01:02:17    Michael Ian Cedar:    Why did he wrote “cow” on the cow? I didn’t understand…

01:05:32    Julie Jensen:    because otherwise the hunters would shoot the cows thinking they were deer

01:08:52    Michael Ian Cedar:    Oh my…

01:10:54    Lina Floating Mountain:    It looks like my place!

01:11:17    Susan White:    I feel calmer just looking at it

01:35:03    Natalie Beck:    Kate just recommended “Beauty” to me by John O’Donohue :)

01:35:49    Susan White:    Yes! The interview is from On Being, highly recommend

01:35:59    Natalie Beck:    Thank you!

01:40:28    Michael Ian Cedar:    THE MASTER BUILDER!

01:40:42    Natalie Beck:    “Everything is awesome” lol

01:40:44    Michael Ian Cedar:    Sing: Everything is Awesome…

01:41:02    Susan White:    I have vivid memories of teaching right after it came out and every little kid singing everything is awesome

01:41:12    Natalie Beck:    Haha!

01:45:56    Michael Ian Cedar:    Thank you Sara!

01:46:01    Natalie Beck:    Thank you, Sara - so beautiful

01:46:15    Tracy Schmid:    lovely

01:46:18    Anna:    I really enjoyed it, thank you!

01:47:18    Natalie Beck:    I look forward to sharing your harp playing with Olive later today, Sara! She is napping now…

01:47:41    Sara Boan:    Aww that’s awesome, Natalie! Thank you!

01:48:16    Michael Ian Cedar:    We are a living breathing organism as a group!

01:51:43    Katherine:    Thanks!!!!

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong | Smokerd Red

Tea & Life-changing Reading by Tania Carpio

00:42:37    Sara Boan:    Sorry I’m late! Emergency AC repair. Glad to be here with you all!

00:46:34    Anna:    My mom tried it and said it was nice. I do feel like I am chewing on smoked chicken, haha.

00:46:40    Sara Boan:    I do like smoked tea! But right now, it’s so hot in my house, so I have green tea right now. :)

00:47:13    tcarpio:    Sara, LOVE how your hair looks

00:47:55    Sara Boan:    Thank you, Tania! ❤️

00:53:04    Katherine:    Or hair. lol

00:59:01    juliejensen:    so well said

01:00:52    Katherine:    Thank you, Tania! I appreciated that passage so much! I have this quote by my bed: “I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.” Georgia O'Keefe

01:01:41    Natalie Beck:    beautiful

01:02:18    juliejensen:    Thanks

01:33:54    Natalie Beck:    I just quoted you to Nick, Lina (“I don’t believe in good deeds”) and he sent me this quote from Tao Te Ching: “The highest good is like water. Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive. It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao.”

01:34:36    juliejensen:    Beautiful

01:40:34    Katherine:    Before Tania has to go I want to know if there are any other passages in the books!

01:40:46    Katherine:    I love these books, btw. Thank you so much for bringing them to our group!

01:42:27    Katherine:    What is the author/title?

01:43:02    juliejensen:    yes and have such a great birthday

01:43:19    tcarpio:    Haemin Sunim

01:43:32    tcarpio:    The things you can only see when you slow down

01:43:42    tcarpio:    Love for Imperfect things

01:43:51    Katherine:    Thank you so much!!

01:43:59    Katherine:    Happy birthday, Tania! <3

01:44:39    Natalie Beck:    yummmmmm

01:44:48    Sara Boan:    That sounds so delicious!

Shui Xiang | Water Sprite

Tea & Conversation about the soul-touching book by Michelle White


Qi Zhong Wulong | Special Wulong

Tea & Conversation about life-changing events

Zen Tea | Shou Pu'er

Tea & The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Zhui Ba Xiang | Drunken Immortal

Tea & Seven Taoist Masters

Yiwu 2015 Sheng Pu'er | Raw Pu'er

Tea & Tao Te Ching

Ba Xian | Eight Immortals

Tea & Tao - Lao Tzu

Shaanxi Xianhao | Dawny Tea

Tea & Tao

Xiao Chigan | Little Red Sweetness

Tea & Zen Koan

JingMai Sheng Pu'er | 2017 JingMai Raw Pu'er 

Tea & Ikebana

Song Zhong Fun Shui Xiang | Sweet Potato Flavour

Tea and Zen are the Same Flavors  The Gate to Hell

Mojo | Ancient Tree's Pu'er

Shen Pu'er &  Zen

"Oh, How sweet.."

"Great Wave"

Lu An | Dark Tea of Anhui

Dark Tea & Zen

"Real Miracle"


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