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My friend Chang Lung lives in the Sichuan Province, and has been sourcing green and dark (Pu'er) teas for Floating Mountain for years. The business relationship between us reminds me of a local tea house where the owner already knows what tea you would like to order. Chang Lung has never sent me tea I did not love! 

MINIMUM ORDER    500g (17.6 oz)

TEA POOL SIZE               $3000 +


Epicurean    - High-quality tea you could have enjoyed in the Floating Mountain Tea House $240/500g

Elite            - The next level up quality tea - most Floating Mountain teas are from this level $343/500g

Connoisseur - The highest quality tea. I usually have only a few of these teas available on the tea list $550/500g


You can choose up to two teas 250 grams each or the same tea for #1 and #2 to get 500 grams. 


What is POOL SIZE? It is the required amount of purchases in the POOL for me to place an order. You will receive an email once this minimum has been met. 

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