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Floating Mountain Scholarship +

We live in an impermanent world where things change all the time. The uncertainty of the moment can delay a decision that is better not to be postponed. At the same time, we live in an abundant Universe where the resource of kindness is inexhaustible.

On this page, we would like to provide an opportunity to give and receive help.

Disclaimer: Names will not be shared on both the "giver" or "receiver" sides.

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The experience at Floating Mountain Club and School may change one's life.

The last thing we want to see is that somebody's financial difficulties stop that life-changing experience.

My grandmother used to say:

"All you give is yours. All you keep is lost." 

It took me a long time to understand how much truth is in those words. 

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Fund money to Floating Mountain Scholarship fund.


If you are part of the Club, you know how special this group is. It is intentionally kept small, allowing us to be honest, open, and trusting. We would love to make it free of charge, but because it involves high-quality tea, which is essential for good conversation, we cannot provide free membership to all at all the time. Though we know that the monthly fee might be a burden for some members, we hope to support each other.

 If you would like to help a fellow pay for a Monthly Club Membership, click the button below!

Floating Mountain Scholarship Fund


Floating Mountain Tea Pool Share

Help somebody enter the Tea Pool.


If you would like to help somebody to enter the Tea Pool, click the button below!


Work-Study Program

Apply for Work-Study Program.


We always need help at Floating Mountain, from editing text and designing the website to video recording and photography, media presentation, project management, customer service, and IT. There are so many opportunities to replace at least one month's payment of the membership with your talent.


Apply for the Full or Partial Scholarship.


If you are an "active" participant of the Club for the last three consecutive months and need help to maintain a membership/school enrollment for the next month or a few, you can apply for the full or partial Scholarship. I can't promise that every application will be fulfilled, but I will do my best to keep you in the group because You are IMPORTANT!

Get Floating Mountain Scholarship

"The exemplary person grieves that he has not found the way; the small man sorrows over poverty." 

~ Sasamegoto 

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