Mountain Top Tea Circle


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Mountain Top Tea Circle is a virtual club, where a small group of like-minded individuals get together to savor tea and talk about poetry, music, art, zen, and tea. 

* Every month, each Tea Member receives 4-5 different types of tea by mail.

* On Sunday at 11 AM EST, we meet on Zoom and brew the same tea.

* I share the information about the tea we are drinking, its origin, qualities, effects on the body, its myth and truth, and tips on brewing it.

* For the rest of the time, we read and discuss poems, listen to music, create art together, or study the ancient wisdom of zen masters and learn about old civilizations' sacred practices.

See what others have to say about the club experience!

"Mountain Top Tea Circle is something really special. I love experiencing and learning about the new teas. But that's only part of it. The group has a great chemistry. We are a diverse group, each with something to say. Best of all, we listen to each other. The things that we talk about have helped me make little changes for the better. More than therapy. More than meditation. Can't explain it but I like it. Thank you for making it happen."

"... it’s the highlight of my week."

~ P.

"What a wonderful tea circle today - thank you, as always. It’s so comforting to sit with everyone on Sunday mornings, with beautiful tea and inspiring conversation."

~ S

"This group does much more than taste tea. It transforms how your live. That class has become a heartbeat that I can count on to simultaneously calm and invigorate me. I leave with a new set of contemplations, energy, and perspective. "

~ M.

Curious to know how it looks?  Take a peek inside the club!

As a Floating Mountain Tea School student, you will have access to our exclusive online Chinese tea shop, where you can purchase tea available only to members.


I have a limited quantity of high quality tea that you will not be able to find anywhere also on the market. All teas are my personal favorites and are shipped directly from farmers I know in China.

See some of the perks..

* Supportive and engaging community! As a member, you are invited to join our private FB Group;

* Exclusive, quality loose-leaf Chinese tea, available ONLY to Members;

* Full access to Floating Mountain Tea School, life events, and recordings;

* Club Members' special discounts and priorities for all offers.

Who am I?

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 2.25.53 PM.png

My name is Lina, and I am the creator of FLOATING MOUNTAIN.

Leaving 20 years of corporate finance career to open a tea house on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, I studied and practiced tea with the only purpose to create the best experience for my guests. Little did I know that this simple practice will change my life so drastically.

In March of 2020, I had to close the tea house in Manhattan. My family and I moved north from NYC and started an online Virtual Tea Club and online Tea School, where I share my love for tea, knowledge, and appreciation to this beverage, and tea practice I follow myself, that helps me to live a balanced, healthy and happy life regardless of the situation around me.

The best part of learning about tea that it is not about tea :)

p.s. I love koans and zen stories and share plenty of them all the time! 


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