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How does TEA POOL work?

It is as simple as 1,2,3!

1 Place an order in the POOL of your choice.

2 Each order adds up to the required POOL size (the required amount of purchases in the POOL      for me to place an order).

2 Once the POOL is full, I will purchase the tea listed in the TEA POOL and ship it to you!


Green Tea 2021



Phoenix Mountain Wulong


Wuyi Mountains Cliff Tea



My friend Chang Lung lives in the Sichuan Province, and has been sourcing green and dark (Pu'er) teas for Floating Mountain for years. The business relationship between us reminds me of a local tea house where the owner already knows what tea you would like to order. Chang Lung has never sent me tea I did not love! 

The most extended collection at Floating Mountain consists of Phoenix Mountain Single Tree Wulong teas. My friend Uncle Du, who lives in Chouzhou in Guangdong Province, is "The Tea Person" who studies and practice tea. He is earnest about the quality of his tea. I've never encountered a Phoenix Wulong that is better than Uncle Du's tea. 

In the legendary Wuyi Mountains, my friend Mr. Qiu has a treasure of a tea that grows in a UNESCO protected area. Mr. Qiu took us to see his trees when we were visiting China, and I will never forget the beauty of the place and the care Mr. Qiu puts into his plantation. I source Cliff Wulong, Red and White teas from Mr. Qiu.


Dark & Pu'er Tea



Red Tea


White Tea



Dark, fermented teas (including Pu'er teas) are the most mysterious and misunderstood in the West. I can't count the number of people who would say to me: "I hate pu'er. It is too bitter and stinky." If I could convince a person to give pu'er a second chance, I would convert him/her to a pu'er lover. The quality of this tea is essential for a good experience. 

Purchases in this POOL will contribute to the TEA POOL | Green Tea 2021

I source most Red teas (known as black tea in the West) from Mr. Qiu, my supplier for Wuyi Mountain Cliff Teas. Although few provinces produce fine red teas, Wuyi teas are my favorites. They have a lighter body and a sweeter taste. Plus, Wuyi is the birth-place of the famous Labsang Suchon (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) - smoked tea, one of the most demanded teas in the tea house. 

Although I have a few sources for white teas, Mr. Qiu's teas are always the best. He sources the quality of tea that aligns with the level of his Cliff Tea. Thus I was never disappointed! White tea is one of the best teas to buy in large quantities (the same applies for Dark & Pu'er tea). There is a saying in China: "Three years old white tea is a medicine, five years old white tea is a treasure!" 

Purchases in this POOL will contribute to the TEA POOL | Wuyi Mountains Cliff Tea

Purchases in this POOL will contribute to a TEA POOL | Wuyi Mountains Cliff Tea

Why the TEA POOL?

I love tea.

This is an obvious statement to say for a teahouse business owner. But I love ONLY high-quality tea. I would not even consider most of the beverages named "tea" available on the western market as Tea, even if it is a Camilia Sinensis.

When I say "high-quality" tea, I mean tea that tea masters of China drink themselves. The tea which is produced in very limited quantity and is not sold to big tea retail companies, and therefore, will never be found in supermarkets or Starbucks. The tea, that is made with the skills transmitted from generation to generation. The tea, which is the treasure for a family that owns it. 

I am lucky to have access to a small number of high-quality teas and the least I can do is offer an opportunity to all who want to drink real tea to experience these teas for themselves. 

The journey from China is long and bumpy. To make it work, I need to reach a certain quantity for each delivery. Because of that, I have come up with an idea to POOL together with those who would love to have a stash of their favorite tea or would like to share tea with friends and/or family. That is how TEA POOL came to life! 


Sara ~ "... consistently high-quality and delicious teas..."

"There are precious few tea vendors that I trust to provide consistently high-quality and delicious teas, and Floating Mountain is at the very top of that list. I know that each new shipment will yield many happy, peaceful hours of tea-drinking enjoyment, and always look forward to trying new varieties as well as revisiting beloved favorites. My tea practice - and my life in general - is richer for having found a source for such exquisite teas, and I always make sure I’m stocked up on my favorite varieties."


Julie ~ "...The quality of the tea is outstanding..."

"I have been a tea drinker all my life. The tea from Floating Mountain is special and I look forward to each package arriving. The quality of the tea is outstanding and becomes apparent as you open the package, the leaves themselves are beautiful and the smell is sweet. The taste takes me back to China. It is wonderful as it lingers on my tongue. I look forward to the club’s discussion of the tea every week. I am so glad I found Floating Mountain Tea."


Lee ~ "...remarkable, outstanding teas."

"I have been drinking tea for decades. My meager knowledge of tea came randomly in fits and starts, lacking all organization. That deficit began to lift when I found the Floating Mountain Tea House. Therefore the first time in 50 years I found someone who was willing to guide me through the vastness of tea. The owner is deeply and widely informed and is willing to generously share her knowledge of tea. Her shop offered up to 90 varieties of beautiful teas, of the highest quality, from vendors she knows personally. Meeting her truly began my tea journey. Although the tea house is no longer, Floating Mountain continues to acquire and make available the same remarkable, outstanding teas."

Natalie ~ "... Nothing compares to the range of teas offered by Floating Mountain."

The Floating Mountain tea quality has completely spoiled me - for the better! I notice a difference when I sip teas purchased from vendors other than those connected to Floating Mountain - even teas from places with supposedly high standards. Nothing compares to the range of teas offered by Floating Mountain. Each tea is high quality and the leaves are intact and beautifully packed.

Michael ~ "...I never found any tea even remotely comparable." 

I became spoiled the moment I became aquatinted with Floating Mountain teas… I tripped into Floating Mountain as my very first experience with good quality Chinese teas. Not realizing exactly how high the tea quality was because I had no context yet, I continued exploring through other sellers of tea and never found any tea even remotely comparable. So, now, I’m a Floating Mountain lifer, I guess you could say. I don’t know what magic Lina and her team have or how it is exactly that they source their tea, but I have yet to experience tea as flavorful, long-lasting, and dynamic as those found at Floating Mountain. Hands down, Floating Mountain is the real deal when it comes to tea. 


Over the years, I've build trusting relationships with amazing human beings in China, from whom I am buying most of my Floating Mountain teas. According to their location and types of tea they supply, I created the TEA POOLs.


There is so much tea in China - one should see it to really believe it! Although my POOLs are tiny, I still have different price levels available in each.


Epicurean    - High-quality tea you could enjoy in the Floating Mountain Tea House.

Elite             - The next level up in terms of the tea quality - most Floating Mountain teas are from this level.

Connoisseur - The highest quality tea. I would usually have only a few of these teas available on the tea list.


Green & Dark Tea POOL

tea circle.jpg


Phoenix Wulong POOL


Wuyi Mountains Tea POOL


Long Jin | Dragon Well | Zhejiang

Anji Bai Cha | Green Snail | Zhejiang

TaiPingHouKui| Peaceful Monkey King| Anhui

Xin Yang Maojian| Pale Tips | Henan

Qi Chi | Sparrow Tongue | Sichuan

Bi Lu Chun | Green Snail | Jiangsu 

HuanShan MaoFen | Yellow Mountain Furry Peak | Anhui

Mengding Ganlu| Sweet Dew | Sichuan

Lu An Gua Pian | Melon Seed | Anhui



JinMai Shen Pu'er 2017 | Yunnan

Chinchone Fu Shen Pu'er 2017 | Yunnan

YiWu Sen Pu'er 2015 | Yunnan

Zen Shou Pu'er | Yunnan

Shou Pu'er Cake | Yunnan

Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong | Honey Orchid

Lao Mi Lan Xiang | Old Tree Honey Orchid

Ya Shi Xiang | Duck Shit

Lao Ya She Xiang | Old Tree Duck Shit

Lao Hua Zhi Xiang | Old Tree Orange Blossom

Lao You Hua Xiang | Old Tree Grapefruit Flavor

Lao Rou Gui | Old Tree Cinnamon Flavor

Lao Xin Reng Xiang | Old Tree Almon Flavor

Ming Cong Zhu Ye | Green Bamboo 

Lao Xing Di | Old Tree Big Brother's Tea

Lao Ye Lai Xiang | Old Tree Night Jasmine

Lao Cong Qing ZhuSi | Old Single Bamboo Tree

Lao Cong  Jiang Hua Xiang | Old tree Ginger Flavour

Qi Zong Wulong Tea | Special Wulong

Zong Zhong Fan Shu Xinag | Sweet Potato


Shui Xiang | Water Sprite

Qi Lan Zheng Yan | Curious Orchid  

Jin Yao Shi | Golden Key

Da Hong Pao | Big Red Robe

Zhui Ba Xian | Drunken Immortal

Zhi Hong Pao | Purple Robe

Huang Mei Gui | Yellow Rose



Xiao Chigan | Little Red Sweetness

Da Chigan | Big Red Sweetness

Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong | Smoked Red

Jin Jun Mei | Golden Eyebrows



Bai Hao Yin Zhen | White Hair Silver Needle

Bai Mudan | White Peony

Shou Mei | Longevity Eyebrow


Q - How long does it take to deliver the tea to me? 

A - Once the POOL Size is full, you should expect your tea to be delivered within two weeks. 

Q - What is POOL Size?

A - The required amount of purchases in the POOL for me to place an order. 

Green & Dark Tea POOL Size is $3000

Phoenix Mountain Wulong POOL Size is $5000

Wuyi Mountain Wulong POOL Size is $6000


Q - How do I know how much is already in the POOL?

A - I will email POOL updates with every change in the POOL.

Q - Can I buy less than 500 grams of tea.

A - The minimum order is 500 grams. You can choose two different teas within one POOL (250 grams each). You also can get together with friends and split the order that way. 

Q - What if the POOL is not filling up for a long time, can I cancel the order and get a refund? 

A - Yes, if the POOL is not filled up for more than three months and I am not able to fulfill your order, you can request a full refund. Please note: if the order from the POOL is already placed in China, the refund can not be requested.

Q - What if I change my mind about the tea I want? Can I exchange the tea?

A - Yes, you can change your choice of tea anytime before an order is placed (please e-mail to Once I place the order, it will depend on availability. I will do my best to meet your requirements, but I can't guarantee success. 

Q - I choose an Epicurean Level but once I added teas, the price changed to either Elite / Connoisseur Level, why?

A - Because you've chosen one or both teas from either Elite / Connoisseur Level. Not all teas are available at all levels!