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Tea Tasting - 

the quality of tea

Gongfu Tea -
social affair

Cha Dao - 

sacred ceremony

Trigger a sensual experience with the best tea you could find, sourced from the most famous tea producing regions of China. Choose one of the Tasting Kits to be shipped to your home. Enjoy, compare and learn about the tea you are drinking in a one-and-a-half-hour live session with me over Zoom. I will also send you a list of tools you can use and guide you through the steps of tea preparation for your best tea experience yet.

The Gong Fu Tea aligns the finest skill of the brewer, the proper flow of energy and presence of the spirit. Take a journey with me to the magical world of this ancient practice for your social affair with the higher spiritual aspect of a Gong Fu ceremony.  I will send you a sample of the tea to brew alongside with me during a one-and-a-half-hour educational/practical session via Zoom of a traditional Chaozhou gongfu tea.

Cha Dao is a Way of Tea as the Way of Living.  The form of art where all five elements meet in perfect harmony and lead the way to a deeper connection to the self. The Cha Dao Tea ceremony is  designed for presence and stillness of mind.
Receive a sample of tea mailed to your house with instructions and join me for an hour of virtual silent tea ceremony to connect with nature and oneself.

Please plan ahead and consider the time for USPS delivery to your address from NYS, USA. 

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Tea & Meditation

Once a month, on the night of the Full Moon, I stay awake for 4 hours of Meditation & Tea.  Broken up in 4 parts by Gongfu Tea Ceremonies, this practice is performed in silence.


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