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Floating Mountain Tea Club


Mountain Top Tea Circle is a virtual club where a small group of like-minded individuals gather to savor tea and talk about poetry, music, art, zen and tea.


Every month, each tea member receives 100g of 4-5 different teas by mail.

On Sunday at 11AM EST, we meet on Zoom and brew the same tea together.

I share information about the tea we are drinking, its origin, qualities, effects on the body, its myths and truths, and tips on brewing it.

For the rest of the time, we read and discuss poems, listen to music, create art together, or study the ancient wisdom of zen masters, and learn about old civilizations' sacred practices.

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Floating Mountain Tea School

In the Floating Mountain Tea School, you will not only learn how to approach drinking tea, but also philosophical lessons about how to approach life. 


Every month, each student receives 20g of different teas by mail.

In the 28 sessions, we go from tea's physical qualities to the philosophical roots of the practice and elements that go into a tea-drinking experience.

Focusing on the teas produced in China, we learn simple methods of brewing and enjoying tea while still getting the best experience, and delve into details of advanced brewing techniques, such as Gong Fu tea of China.

We meet each Tuesday over Zoom at 6:15PM EST and learn about the physical and spiritual elements of the tea practice.

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"Taking classes at the Floating Mountain Tea School has become one of the most enjoyable activities I have pursued in the last few months. I come away from each class feeling energized and enlightened. Lina is incredibly knowledgeable and shares her expertise of tea on both the spiritual and practical levels. I feel lucky to have found this opportunity to deepen my understanding of tea practice, and look forward to taking part in future sessions."

      ~Lisa M.