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Tea School Series | Pre-recorded

In the series of 6 to 10 life sessions dedicated to a specific level of experiencing tea, we go from the physical qualities of tea to the philosophical roots of the practice and elements that go into a tea drinking experience. 


Series 3 includs 8 tea samples from Floating Mountain exclusive tea collection, shipped to your home at the time of enrollment. The samples are suggested to be used for homework assignments.


What people say about Tea School:


"I really enjoy the tea school sessions. They are bright spots in my week. Thank you, Lina!"



"I feel lucky to have found this opportunity to deepen my understanding of tea practice, and look forward to taking part in future sessions."



When I first met Lina at Floating Mountain Tea House, I could tell immediately that there was an immense appreciation, respect for, and knowledge of the tea she served. However, being able to learn more deeply about tea’s history, philosophy, and culture from Lina has been eye-opening. The classes are always engaging, informative, and fun! If you are at all curious about what tea really is, was, or can be, learning from Lina might just be the starting point you’ve been looking for...”


Tea School Series | Pre-recorded

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