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Epicurean TEA POOL | Wulong | Wuyi Mountain

MINIMUM ORDER    500g (17.6 oz)

TEA POOL SIZE               $6000 +


Epicurean - High-quality tea you could have enjoyed in the Floating Mountain Tea House $329/500g

Elite - The next level up quality tea - most Floating Mountain teas are from this level $528/500g


You can choose up to two teas 250 grams each or the same tea for #1 and #2 to get 500 grams. 


What is POOL SIZE? It is the required amount of purchases in the POOL for me to place an order.




Sara ~ "... consistently high-quality and delicious teas..."

"There are precious few tea vendors that I trust to provide consistently high-quality and delicious teas, and Floating Mountain is at the very top of that list. I know that each new shipment will yield many happy, peaceful hours of tea-drinking enjoyment, and always look forward to trying new varieties as well as revisiting beloved favorites. My tea practice - and my life in general - is richer for having found a source for such exquisite teas, and I always make sure I’m stocked up on my favorite varieties."


Julie ~ "...The quality of the tea is outstanding...

"I have been a tea drinker all my life. The tea from Floating Mountain is special and I look forward to each package arriving. The quality of the tea is outstanding and becomes apparent as you open the package, the leaves themselves are beautiful and the smell is sweet. The taste takes me back to China. It is wonderful as it lingers on my tongue. I look forward to the club’s discussion of the tea every week. I am so glad I found Floating Mountain Tea."


Lee ~ "...remarkable, outstanding teas."

"I have been drinking tea for decades. My meager knowledge of tea came randomly in fits and starts, lacking all organization. That deficit began to lift when I found the Floating Mountain Tea House. Therefore the first time in 50 years I found someone who was willing to guide me through the vastness of tea. The owner is deeply and widely informed and is willing to generously share her knowledge of tea. Her shop offered up to 90 varieties of beautiful teas, of the highest quality, from vendors she knows personally. Meeting her truly began my tea journey. Although the tea house is no longer, Floating Mountain continues to acquire and make available the same remarkable, outstanding teas."

Epicurean TEA POOL | Wulong | Wuyi Mountain

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