November 29 | Awaking Night

For special night meditation events you are expected to follow a few rules: 


Please turn off your phone before entering the tea house. We will ask you to leave the room if the phone rings or vibrates.


Please don't take pictures or videos of the event. This is time to experience the moment, not to share it on social media.


Please walk into the tea house silently and remove your shoes. 


Please take a cushion and find your spot.  If you are entering meditation during the silent/still time, just join in the practice. Once the tea serving time comes, please return and sit close to chaxi (tea place) so we know you would like to have some tea. You are welcome to continue meditation without interruption for more tea. 


You can leave the meditation at any time as long as it is done quietly, but we suggest that you please use the "tea serving time" to leave/adjust your position/use the restroom est. (the restroom located in the basement, two flights down, you will need your shoes back on!)


You are responsible for determining how much you need to pay based on the length of your practice. We will not manage participants time and are relying on the “honor system” for you to pay appropriately.


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