Mountain Top Tea Circle Monthly

Mountain Top Tea Circle Monthly

Wonder what we do at Mountain Top Tea Circle? 


It is simple!


We savor high quality tea that is available exclusively to the members of the Club through Floating Mountain online store.

At the beginning of each month, I mail 4 different teas (around 4 oz total) to all the members. Every Sunday morning at 11 AM EST we join a Zoom meeting and drink the same tea.

I share the information about the tea we are drinking: origin, history, legends, myth and truth, brewing tips , etc.

Once everybody is comfortable with the brews, we read and discuss  Zen stories, learn about and listen life performace music, study ancient practices and breathing thecnics, and so much more!


See what others have to say about the club experience!


"Mountain Top Tea Circle is something really special. I love experiencing and learning about the new teas. But that's only part of it. The group has a great chemistry. We are a diverse group, each with something to say. Best of all, we listen to each other. The things that we talk about have helped me make little changes for the better. More than therapy. More than meditation. Can't explain it but I like it. Thank you for making it happen."

"... it’s the highlight of my week."

~ P.

"What a wonderful tea circle today - thank you, as always. It’s so comforting to sit with everyone on Sunday mornings, with beautiful tea and inspiring conversation."

~ S

"This group does much more than taste tea. It transforms how your live. That class has become a heartbeat that I can count on to simultaneously calm and invigorate me. I leave with a new set of contemplations, energy, and perspective. "

~ M.

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