Mountain Top Tea Circle

To face the new reality, I am inviting you to join the Mountain Top Tea Circle - The Virtual Tea Club of FLOATING MOUNTAIN.

For as low as 4 dollars a day, you can enjoy the highest quality tea delivered to your house and once a week virtual club meeting to learn about tea, taste it together, experiment, elaborate, discuss and enjoy. 


Monday 8AM  - a weekly tea package will be sent to your home with enough to enjoy through the week. 


Friday 11AM  - a weekly Zoom meeting will be held for one hour to discuss the tea you are tasting. 


Join us at any time! 

Join us for one, two, three weeks or the whole month (and save!)

Join to learn to connect and to benefit from the quality of your tea! 

I promise, you will never look back at a tea bag again!


    Floating Mountain Teahouse + Gallery


    239 W. 72nd Street, 2nd Floor,

    New York, NY 10023

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