Mountain Top Tea Circle
  • Mountain Top Tea Circle

    Wonder what we do at Mountain Top Tea Circle? 


    It is simple!


    We savor high quality tea that is available exclusively to the members of the Club through Floating Mountain online store. Also at the beginning of each month, I mail 4 different teas (around 4 oz total) to all the members. Every Sunday morning at 11 AM EST we join a Zoom meeting and drink the same tea. I share the information about the tea we are drinking: origin, history, legends, way of brewing, etc.

    Once everybody is comfortable with the brews, I do another presentation on a different tea related topic. Just a few to name from what we had in the past: 


    All About Gong Fu Cha.

    How to Taste Tea Properly?

    Boiling Tea - Why and How?

    Moon Phases and Tea Practice.

    Chaxi and Why it is Important?

    Five Elements of Life and Five Types of Tea.

    Five Spirits and Five Types of Tea...



    What Mountain Top Tea Drinkers say:


    "...that class has become a heartbeat that  I can count on to simultaneously calm and invigorate me. I leave with a new set of contemplations, energy, and perspective."



    ..." I finally found my priorities! I have never had time for myself, was always trying to please somebody. Now I learned that my personal development and spiritual growth is my first priority, it is what makes my and everybody's around me life better"



    "...I still have access to amazing tea collection of Floating Mountain!"



    "...This group does much more than taste tea. It transforms how your live. Start with a sip and don't look back."



    October schedule:

    The meetings are schedules on:

    Octover 4th 

    October 11th

    October 18th

    October 25th


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