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Full Moon Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

Join Eszter Tóth and Pauline Saade for a Tea Ceremony and Sound Fusion, a rendezvous of tranquility and sonic wonders. Immerse yourself in the spiritual elixir of tea, a vessel for calming the mind and restoring connection to self and nature. Live healing sounds from diverse instruments will accompany this immersive experience, weaving a tapestry of vibrational harmony in the cosmic symphony.


Let tea, activated by the alchemy of hot water, become a guide to listening to the whispers of body and heart, revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary, and nurturing a sense of harmony and presence.


As water, a kindred spirit to tea’s vibrational dance, courses through, it enhances circulation, energy flow, and body regeneration, syncing seamlessly with the transformative currents of sound vibrations. Join us on this unique journey where tea and sound converge, creating an immersive experience.

Full Moon Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

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