February 13 | 7pm - 9pm | History in a Bowl of Tea: Tea in the Song Period

Join us for the momentous return of our tea talk and interactive workshop series, “History in a Bowl of Tea: Tea in the Song Period,” as we explore the unique history, art, and craft of tea culture during the Song period (960-1279). Learn how today’s matcha craze has its origins in the tenth century as scholars, monks, and emperors alike celebrated the flavors of powdered tea in poetry and prose, paintings and elegant tea gatherings. Examine antique teawares from the Song period and learn about the diversity of ceramics that marked this time as a “golden age” for tea. This tea talk and interactive workshop will include a step-by-step demonstration of the grinding of Song period-style powdered tea followed by a 點茶 diǎn chá tea tasting, conducted using historically accurate reproduced powdered tea recipe served using antique and period-appropriate teawares, giving the audience a rare opportunity to experience and drink tea as would have been done millennia ago! Admission is $35. RSVP in advance to secure your spot at the tea table!


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