Floating Mountain Monthly Membership

"Gym" membership for the Mind

Because it is Cool to be Zen

Welcome to the Floating Mountain monthly Membership and Thank You for considering the program!

Your decision to join will be great in ten thousand ways, just to list a few: You will support the tea house business and make this space available for all the beautiful souls searching for a peaceful place to experience  Tea. You will get one step closer to a healthier and happier life. You are one openminded individual, who sees beyond the norm of society. You already know that without a happy mind there is no happy life or healthy body. I could go on and on, but let me just stop here and get to the details of the benefits you will receive with a monthly Floating Mountain Membership:

Unlimited tea any time You want! Bring One Guest along with you every time you come! Enjoy a curated selection of the highest quality Chinese teas sourced directly from small farms in China. I purchase the tea in small batches and make sure it is ecologically clean and made with love. I am often asked how I source my teas. There are two criteria: I have to love it and I have to be able to afford it.  So I share with you the best I can get from the endless world of Chinese teas! 

Always free Sunday Morning Meditation  - As part of an ongoing series of tea meditations, we examine how brewing tea can be both an act of intention and a means of cultivating the self. Every Sunday at 11 AM we sit for an hour to practice Tea and Meditation. We explore different tea traditions, from Japanese chanoyu, Chinese Gongfu cha, or the Korean Buddhist tea meditation; often led by local Zen and tea practitioner Scott Norton, these sessions are a combination of the finest brew of tea, educational lectures, dharma talk and guided meditation. 

Discount on All Floating Mountain Workshops. "Learning is a continues process, not a process of addition, not a process which you gather and from there act.” - The Book of Life, J. Krishnamurti. There is a term well known among the Tea practitioners: “The Beginner Mind”, which refers to the the life approach where we accept that we don’t know things and we are willing to learn all the time. As soon as we assume that we know, we close the gate for new information. You can recognize “beginners mind” instantly, by attentive listening, by a spark in the eyes, a quiet attitude and an open heart. We feed “the beginners minds” with a continuing series of tea and history related workshops such as “All About” and “History in a Bowl of Tea”, we learn ancient arts of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we gather for “Practical Tea” where we learn actual techniques, benefits of the use of different utensils and so on; and we keep looking for an opportunity to open new frontiers in the endless world of knowledge. 

And here comes the fun part! Let’s say you got extremely busy this month and you didn’t have a chance to enjoy tea with your friend at Floating Mountain, or attend Sunday Morning Meditation, neither were you able to learn anything new at one of our workshops! If it would be a gym membership, you would be losing your money and feel bad for not utilizing your investment and breaking your commitment. It is not the same with the Floating Mountain Membership. At the end of each month, I will send you the Membership statement with a detailed breakdown of all your encounters at Floating Mountain and for the remaining balance of unused membership fee you will receive a Floating Mountain selection of tea right at your door. The package could contain $20 or $220 worth, depending on what unused balance you have at the end of the month, so you always will get at least what you paid for and, of course, if you choose to utilize your membership privilege you can gain so much more!

Be Zen, Ladies and Gentlemen! 

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