Floating Mountain Monthly Membership

"Gym" membership for the Mind

Unlimited Free Tea for You + 1 Guest

Free Sunday Morning Meditation for You +1 Guest

Free Events for You +15% discount for your Guest


Remaining balance of Your Membership fee filled in with Loose Leaf Tea delivered to your door at the end of the month, so you always get the full value.

Check out three levels and find the right one for you! Because it is cool to be Zen

Why Join?

BECAUSE IT IS COOL TO BE ZEN! Most of us are comfortable with the idea of the necessity to exercise and to have a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy and happy life. We often assume though,  that our Mind "knows" what to do by Itself! However, the manifestations of the physical body originated in our Mind. The stressed Mind sends the wrong signals to the body and the intelligence of the body's cells get confused.  Floating Mountain Monthly Membership provides the path of gentle Mind Practice where regular time spent with high quality loose leaf tea will help to unload the pressures of the day to day life and obtain clarity and calmness so needed in our dynamic and overloaded with information life of the XXI Century. 

What do I get as a Member?

Once you subscribe to Floating Mountain Monthly Membership, you are making a commitment to yourself to find time to "clear your Mind" and get one step closer to a healthy, happy life. Membership will get you UNLIMITED FREE TEA for you plus one Guest at any time. You can enjoy a half-serving (price range $9-$20) or full serving (price range $18-$30) of any tea on the list as often as you want. On top of it, you have ALWAYS FREE (regular price $20) Sunday Morning Meditation (we meditate every Sunday at 11 am). Plus, you have 10-20% DISCOUNT on All Tea Workshops (regular price $50). Regularity will not only bring the benefit of stress free life but also will save you money, As Bruce Lee said: -  "I don't fear the man who practiced 1000 kicks one time but I do fear the man who practiced one kick 1000 times". Didn't have time to visit Floating Mountain at all? No worries, you will always receive at least the value of the membership fee. See "How it Works" below. 


How it Works?

Each of your encounters at Floating Mountain tea house will be recorded on your Membership account to maintain the records of your Monthly Membership Fee Usage. If you have not fully utilized the full amount of the membership fee, at the end of the month we will mail to you the loose leaf tea worth the unused fee balance, so you always get the full value of your Membership.


Monthly Membership fee paid $220

Sunday morning meditation attempted during the month  2x$20 = $40

Tea sessions (Member +1 Guest) 3x$40 = $120

Discount used for Workshop $10

Unused membership fee for current month is $220 -  ($40+$120+$10) = $50

We will mail you $50 worth loose tea leaves at the end of the month. 

How to Cancel? 

You can cancel your membership at any time by e-mailing hello@floating-mountain.com .

Have more Questions?

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