Chloe Delmonte

Chloe Delmonte is a British ceramicist living here in Manhattan. The Celestial series was borne of an appreciation for the Earth’s raw natural beauty and a fascination with the celestial bodies it orbits. The pieces combine minimalist, almost primal circle forms with highly experimental glazes. Each piece is made using an unusual process of concealing and revealing varying layers of glaze to achieve a molten, melting, organic texture with an earthy, elemental colour palette. Both the material and textures in the pieces reflect that of the surface of the moon, the fiery wonder of the sun and the imperfect beauty of the ground beneath our feet.  

Floating Mountain Teahouse + Gallery


239 W. 72nd Street, 2nd Floor,

New York, NY 10023

646.852.6555 | hello@floating-mountain.com

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