Awaking Nights Meditation 10PM - 2AM

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These special nights when the cosmic energies are at the top exuberance we will stay awake in silent  and still meditation from 10pm  to 2 AM.


Gong fu style tea will be served at the beginning of each hour. The remaining time we will stay silent and unmoving. 



Join us for the whole night for $45 or one hour shift for $20/person to expand your spiritual practice and benefit from the help of Universe.

New Moon Meditation 8PM - 9PM

The New Moon and the Full Moon are two powerful moments in the cycle of life. A wise farmer follows the moon calendar to plant and to collect his fruits. The same is true for the fruitfulness of all our actions. Knowing the cycle of the moon and bringing certain intention at the right time might help to manage your life and raise the "fruit" you are aiming to raise. 

Sunday Morning Meditation 11AM - 12PM

Every Sunday at 11AM we gather for an hour of meditation and tea.

Starting with the sound of the Tibetan bowl, we sit still to observe the flow of thoughts and emotions, listen to the breath and let it all go.

The finest Chinese tea prepared in Gongfu style is served before and after meditation.

Floating Mountain Teahouse + Gallery


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