History in a Bowl of Tea : Interactive workshop


History in a Bowl of Tea is an ongoing, ever-evolving tea talk and interactive workshop series born from the mind of tea practitioner and scholar Scott Norton. First begun in 2008, this series looks to contextualize tea with its own history, delving into aspects as diverse as art, agriculture, spirituality, philosophy, politics, and economics, showcasing the evolution of tea through time and through the specific “cultural lens” of different traditions and regions that tea and tea culture has touched. Exploring over six thousand years of time, History in a Bowl of Tea also seeks to reproduce different tea brewing methods, from the simmered tea of the boiled tea of ancient Asia, the simmered tea of Lu Yu during the Tang period, whisked tea of the Song, and many others throughout history. Each chapter in the series will look at tea’s history from a different angle, revealing new perspectives and insights into tea’s past. Similarly, as an interactive workshop, participants are encouraged to actively engage, as casually as sipping to as energetically grinding or whisking their own bowl of tea! 

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