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Tea Practice

Student: "How to make a perfect stroke?"

  Master: "Perfect yourself and pain natural!"

                                     ~ Zen saying

In the series of 6 to 10 life sessions dedicated to a specific level of experiencing tea, we go from the physical qualities of tea to the philosophical roots of the practice and elements that go into a tea drinking experience. 

Focusing on the teas produced in China, we learn simple methods of brewing and enjoying tea while still getting the best experience, and delve into details of advanced brewing techniques, such as Gong Fu tea of China. 

In the Floating Mountain Tea School, you will not only learn how to approach drinking tea, but also philosophical lessons about how to approach life. 

Series 1 - Physicality of Tea - Basics

Series 2 - Physicality of Tea - Intermediate

Series 3 - Physicality of Tea - Advanced

 In a Series of 8 sessions, you will learn basics of how to approach tea, philosophical roots of tea practice and energetic aspect of each tea. 


  • What is so special about tea

  • Main types of tea

  • Seven essentials of good tea 

  • How to  brew  good tea 

  • Six senses for the tea experience

  • Four seasons for tea appreciation

  • Daily tea practice

 In a Series of 6 sessions, you will learn various tea brewing techniques with the specific suggestions for why, when, and what to use for each of the brewing methods. 

  • Simple tea in a bowl

  • Gaiwan | Lidded cup

  • What is side handle pot good for

  • All about boiling tea

  • What is Gongfu tea

  • Gongfu basics

In the Third Series we enter a world beyond "tea is the most consumed beverage in the world." 

 Besides deepening our mastery of tea brewing, we will talk about :

  • Main concepts of TCM

  • Five Elements

  • Six Pernicious Influences

  • Four Seasons

  • Eight Moon Cycles, and how each of the above relate to the tea practice. 

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"Taking classes at the Floating Mountain Tea School has become one of the most enjoyable activities I have pursued in the last few months. I come away from each class feeling energized and enlightened. Lina is incredibly knowledgeable, and shares her expertise of tea on both the spiritual and practical levels. I feel lucky to have found this opportunity to deepen my understanding of tea practice, and look forward to taking part in future sessions."

      ~Lisa M.

As a student of Floating Mountain Tea School you will have access to our exclusive online Chinese tea shop, where you can purchase tea available only to members.

We have limited quantity of high quality tea, you will not be able to find anywhere also on the market. All teas are my personal favorites and shipped directly from farmers I know in China. 

Who am I?

My name is Lina and I am the creator of FLOATING MOUNTAIN.

Leaving 20 years of corporate finance career to open a tea house on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, I studied and practiced tea with the only purpose to create the best experience for my guests. Little did I know that this simple practice will change my life so drastically.

In March of 2020, I had to closed the tea house in Manhattan. My family and I moved north from NYC, and started an online Virtual Tea Club and online Tea School, where I share my love for tea, knowledge and appreciation to this beverage, and tea practice I follow myself, that helps me to live balanced, healthy and happy life regardless of the situation around me.

The best part of learning about tea that it is not about tea :)

p.s. I love koans and zen stories and share plenty of them all the time! 


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