Mountain Top Tea Circle

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*Do you already know and love Floating Mountain exclusive tea selection?

*Would you like to learn all secrets about tea and what it can do for you?

*Are you interested in tea ceremonies and tea practices as a spiritual path?

*Do you wonder how tea can be the way of personal transformation? 

If any of those questions creates a spark of interest in your mind, please keep reading, you might be the One! 

Mountain Top Tea Circle is the Virtual Tea Club of FLOATING MOUNTAIN

*At the beginning of each month, I mail 4 different teas (around 4 oz total) to all the members.

*Every Sunday morning at 11 AM EST we join a Zoom meeting and drink the same tea. I share the information about the tea we are drinking: origin, history, legends, way of brewing, etc.

*During 1.5 hours meetings we savor high quality tea that is available exclusively to the members of the Club through Floating Mountain online store.

Who might enjoy the Club? 

Mountain Top Tea Circle is for the One who ...


* already appreciates tea;

* knows the difference of high quality tea;

* wonders why tea is the most consumed beverage on planet Earth after water;

* inquires why so many sages and spiritual practitioners are tea's devotees;

* needs no hassle in search for the highest quality tea;

* cares to have tea directly from the farmers in China (the tea the farmers drink themselves);

* understands the value of good tea and doesn't want to overpay or to be mislead by a false marketing;

Are you the One? 

Still debating?...


Read just a few comments from our current Mountain Top Tea Drinkers:


"...that class has become a heartbeat that  I can count on to simultaneously calm and invigorate me. I leave with a new set of contemplations, energy, and perspective."



..." I finally found my priorities! I have never had time for myself, was always trying to please somebody. Now I know that my personal development and spiritual growth is my first priority, it is what makes my and everybody's around me life, better."



"...I still have access to amazing tea collection of Floating Mountain!"



"...This group does much more than taste tea. It transforms how your live."


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