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Maximum 3 people per tasting

The way to experience different teas in one visit. Choose three teas from our menu that you would like to taste, we will steep each tea twice in a gaiwan – Chinese lidded cup - before moving on to the next tea.  Although the gaiwan might not be the best vessel for every tea, this brewing method puts the tea in an equal position and reduces the influence of the tea-ware on the quality of the brew. If you would like to experience the best brew possible at Floating Mountain, consider the Gongfu Tea service instead.

$45 | tasting

Three Teas Tasting

Maximum 3 people per session

The Gongfu Tea technique requires the full attention of the brewer. The process should not be disturbed and must align three aspects: finest skill of brewer, proper flow of energy and presence of the spirit.  Gongfu (lit.: skillful) brewing used to refer to Chaozhou (city in the Guangdong province) brewing method specifically.  We use the basic rules of traditional Chaozhou gongfu brewing to the best of our knowledge to make our finest cup of tea for you yet.

$50 | person

Gongfu Tea

Minimum 3 people per session

ChaDao, is a tradition from ancient Chinese lineage that has been rooted in Daoism for many thousands of years. The elevation of tea drinking into a Way, or Dao, transforms this simple practice into a moving meditation. As a living art form, the five elements meet in perfect harmony and lead the way for a deeper connection to self, to nature, and to community. Tea as ceremony encourages the unfurling of an awakened calm that lends itself to both presence and stillness of mind. 


$35 | person

ChaDao Tea

Sunday Morning  


11 am |$20 | person

As part of an ongoing series of tea meditations, we will begin to delve deeper into the practice of “gong fu cha”, the skill and challenge of brewing tea. As a guided meditation on mindfulness, we will examine how brewing tea can be both a act of intention and a means of cultivating the self.

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