TEA HOUSE + Gallery


Opened in 2017, Floating Mountain Tea House + Gallery is known as one of the most unique and romantic places in New York City.

Floor seating and low tables set by large windows overlooking 72nd Street lift you above the city's hustle and bustle, letting you observe its heartbeat from a distance.

We brew tea in the traditional gong fu style, in its casual version, using Chouzhou and Yixing clay pots and Chinese teacup "gaiwan."

There is free WiFi and no restrictions on using electronic devices. The only rule is "no house & no food" in the tea house.

Reservations are advisable to secure a table, especially during the weekends and evening hours.

Walk-ins are subject to availability.


SUN. - THU. 12 PM - 8 PM

FRI. SAT. 12 PM - 9 PM




Such a lovely tea house! Delicious teas, serenity and a very friendly owner ☺️ I’ve never seen such a long list of various teas. You can even buy some to take home. Beautiful tea ceremonies that help you appreciate the real taste of great teas!


Wonderful place! Feels like a sanctuary, especially compared to the loud, fast-paced city. The people and atmosphere here make the simple act of drinking tea an almost spiritual experience.


—  Nika Q

Robust tea selection and unique atmosphere. The first thing you do when entering floating mountain is remove your shoes, then make your way to one of the low tables that require you to recline on the ground. We picked one overlooking the street outside, which gave us a nice view when drinking our tea. The staff are knowledgeable, and helped us pick both puer and green teas. The tea was served using a gaiwan tea set.


Absolutely fabulous tea and atmosphere. Highly suggest it to any tea lover! Bring company and talk to the owner, she's very nice and helpful.


— Sean D.

What a perfect place. Simple, quiet, just wonderful. Not kidding one of the best places period on the upper west side. You will love how perfect they are with handling the tea.


Love this place! The owner and staff are so nice. The place has a wonderful sense of serenity. You can come to drink tea alone or relax as a friend group or cozy couple. You sit on the floor and take off your shoes as you enter. 1 pot can go a long way and the selection is excellent. Would definitely recommend!


What a beautiful relaxing tea house right next to a busy subway station! So happy to have found this spot! Sparkling clean, airy relaxing and very peaceful! I look forward to being a regular here! Absolutely love the selection of teas! Truly a treasure from China!


Comprehensive selection of over 100 Chinese teas and a small quiet tea room. Customer service person who brews the tea is attentive and knowlegable about tea. A good way to relax alone or talk with a friend over tea.  There's no food served here, only tea.


—  Vidhi M.

The ambiance is peaceful and calm - almost a world separated from the hustle and bustle of nyc. There are so much authentic tea leaves from China. The owner is knowledgeable about the teas. Be prepared to take your shoes off and have the asian experience.


—  Carlin Y

— Pauline S.

What an absolutely gorgeous place. The smell of tea and soft wood gently greets you as you walk into this unassuming space. Light streams in, bouncing off the cushions placed for you to sit, relax, and enjoy a respite from hectic city life. I am not sure of the owner's name but she was very warm and inviting, and very knowledgeable about her selection of Chinese teas. Please do yourself an act of great kindness and drop by to enjoy some amazing tea in this awesome space.