We are a teahouse offering over 100 types of specialty Chinese teas, hosting tea tastings, meditation and tea educational workshops. 



WALK IN DURING OPEN HOURS. Full serving: $13–33. Half-serving: $8–20. Stop by to enjoy our curated selection of specialty tea from China. "Ichi go ichi e" translates as "One encounter, one chance." Every encounter with someone is a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" and should be cherished as such. Every brew is unique and unrepeatable. Every experience is special and one of a kind.



PLEASE RESERVE THE ENTRANCE ONLINE. On a special nights the tea house is open from 10PM to 2AM to experience the night ambience of Floating Mountain. The light of candles, aroma of brewing tea, and sound of boiling water will accompany your "speak easy" conversation. Additional entrance fee and advance booking is required for the late nights entrance. 




PLEASE BOOK ONLINE. Maximum 3 participants. $45 | tasting. The way to experience different teas in one visit. Choose three teas from our menu that you would like to taste. We will steep each tea twice in a gaiwan – Chinese lidded cup, before moving on to the next tea. During the tasting we provide general information about tea types, different cultivars and other fun facts about tea you are tasting. Taste tea by yourself or share with friends, up to 3 people per one tasting session.


PLEASE BOOK ONLINE. Minimum 6 participants. $35 | person. The simple act of serving tea and receiving it with gratitude is the basis for a way of life called Chadao, the Way of Tea.  Of great importance to the Way of Tea is the concept of "kokoro ire,” when the host puts his whole being into preparation for a tea gathering and executes his role with the intent of creating an atmosphere wherein the guest can find tranquility and the guest enters the tearoom with the intent of giving to his host all of his heart, spirit, and mind through his open acceptance of all that the host is doing for him. During one hour, we will drink tea out of hand made bowls in silence despite the outside noise of the world, seeking harmony, tranquility and peace.


PLEASE BOOK ONLINE. Maximum 6 participants. $50 | person.  Gongfu means skillful. Although many Chinese tea brewing techniques are called gongfu, often they are an amalgamation of various styles of brewing. The Chaozhou method of brewing began about three hundred years ago and originally was used to brew low quality tea, creating delicious taste through skillful brewing. During this hour we will brew tea with the skills of the Chaozhou people to create the most delicious cup of tea we made yet. Small gatherings (up to 6 people) are best suitable for gongfu tea.


PLEASE BOOK ONLINE. $20 | person.  Guided meditation accompanied by Gongfu style brewing tea gathered every Sunday mornings as well as on a new and full Moon. Please check the schedule for dates and reserve the entrance online. 


We are Open 

Sun – Thu 12pm – 8pm | Fri - Sat 12pm - 9pm | Tue Close


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Physicality of Tea


Floating Mountain

Tea School

Series 2

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Two Teas

Two Gaiwans

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Floating Mountain

Tea School

Series 3

Physicality of Tea - Advanced - Gong Fu Tea

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Floating Mountain

Physicality of Tea

Tea School




Floating Mountain          Tea School

Brush Stroke

Physicality of Tea

Floating Mountain

Tea School

Series 3 - Advanced - Gongfu Tea

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